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Personal Coverage

Master Policy

It is important that you understand the Master Policy, which provides the basis for your errors and omissions insurance. As a professional advisor, would you recommend a product to a client without fully understanding the policy behind it?


Understanding the various elements of your E & O insurance policy ensures you are aware of the limits and boundaries of your protection.

The APA advises that all members review the Master Policy and familiarize themselves with three key areas:

  • Professional Services as defined within the policy document. This provides information on what activities and services are actually covered under the Master Policy.
  • Definitions are critically important as they refine what is set out throughout the Master Policy and may be different than is commonly understood.
  • Exclusions cannot be skipped when reviewing your Master Policy. All insurance policies come with them regardless of the type of product. Knowing what is specifically excluded, and under what conditions, is equally important to understanding the inclusions.
2019 Master Policy
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