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E & O Info

Monthly Pre-Authorized Payments are now available for your APA E&O Insurance.

Advocis Broker Services has partnered with SNAP Financial to provide easy and cost effective monthly financing of your Errors & Omissions Insurance premiums.

It's easy to get started with monthly payments!

  1. At the start of your renewal or new application select the Monthly Pre-Authorized Payments button and continue with your application as normal.
  2. At the end of the application process you will be asked to confirm your selection of monthly payments and you will then complete a financing agreement application with SNAP Financial.
  3. Important! Remember to have a scanned copy of a void cheque (in either jpg or pdf format) to upload to the site during the financing application section.
  4. Complete the forms and you're all set to go monthly!

Monthly financing is provided through SNAP Financial. Your financing agreement and monthly payments will be managed and processed by SNAP Financial on behalf of Advocis Broker Services.