Corporate Coverage

Apply for a Quote

Application Requirements

You will need to complete and return an application to ABS Inc. The application form can be downloaded from the Forms & Application section of the website.

Along with the completed application, please include a listing of your employees, including name, duties, titles, whether licensed or unlicensed, and number of sub-brokers, if any.

Please note that with respect to question J on page 4 of 5 of the application, you do not have to include supporting documents. Financial statements are only required if your agent count exceeds six (including licensed assistants), and or if your corporate revenues exceed $1,000,000.

When will I get my Quote?

Once we receive your application, and determine your eligibility, we will contact you. If your firm qualifies, you can expect to receive a quotation within two to three business days. If, upon review of your completed application, we find that your firm does not qualify for this program, we may still be able to obtain a quotation outside the program at a higher cost. Cost for this type of policy cannot be determined until underwriters have reviewed your application. This may take between one week to ten days.


Please fax, mail or scan and e-mail your completed application and employees listing ABS Inc. at:

390 Queens Quay West, Suite 210
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1H8

Fax: 416-444-8031

Email: information@apa-ins.ca